Smart camera

Importance of  Security systems

With the advancement of security system technology comes the development in the skills of criminal in entering homes. To prevent any crime and threats to people’s live, many in the industry of security system constantly try to develop new systems. Many people have been saved from the dangers due to the efficient security system installed in many homes and offices. Even offices are not free from possible dangers. The problem with the security are not only physical, as well as the confidential information also need to be protected. This is another reason why security is necessary because the guards alone are not enough. Thieves will do anything to avoid them which they can not do with the security system. Therefore, in addition to security guards, the security systems are needed as well. It is important that all security today work efficiently in many home or offices and has a 24-hour monitoring setup. CCTV or closed circuit television is most commonly used security system today. From the moment that this security system emerged to the market, most thieves that are known to roam during the dark has been succesfully apprehended. This is because the CCTV capture every wrongdoer in action via video, leaving them no choice but to surrender to the police.

Security systems protect your investments, as well as the people you love. The home contains many valuable items located within a small area. This makes theft a huge possibility, and a lucrative endeavor for any criminally minded entrepreneur.Investing in a security system means that you can leave your home peacefully, without the worry that your things are in jeopardy. Living your life without stress is a much healthier alternative to living with constant worry.Your home is where your loved ones sleep, and if a criminal enters your home they will stop at nothing to get away without being arrested. This could potentially mean danger for the people you care about who stand between this robber and getting away. Security systems prevent this type of danger by alerting the authorities as break ins happen.Home security systems also allow for convictions to be made should things be stolen from your home. Cameras and other sensors have the capability of recording these intruders as they enter or exit your home. By having physical proof of these misdeeds, robbers can be taken to court and successfully tried for their criminal activity.Your home is an investment which needs to be protected. Security systems provide this type of service.

Smart camera fall in the security devices category. Smart camera installed on the wall easily and  really smart to detect and hunting anyone who want across front of detection area. Smart camera with more than 300lines of code programming along with mathematical formula rotating to any person who wants to passing. for first time when power on Smart camera start to move left and right automatically until identify its position and move to center of device and ready to detection. total detection in this project is 180degrees. the algorithm of move smart camera to true position depend on 3 PIR(Passive Infera-Red) sensors that installed around it. when anyone who passing through detection area, PIR sensor send signal to micro-controller and micro-controller make parameter convenient with position of sensor and set to mathematical formula.The output of this formula are 2 parameters, 1.Direction of move camera  2.Numbers of steps that camera should move.

Some features of Smart camera:

  • Intelligence rotation up to 180 degrees
  • Auto adjustment system when power goes off
  • Moving high speed to position
  • Using electronic eyes (PIR)
  • Low consumption
  • Detection in darkness situation
  • Direct connect to 220V-ac


Some views of Smart Camera project:


Design and made by Mohsen Najafi