LNB Health Meter

LNB (Low Noise Block) Health Meter

Here is special shout out about LNB Health Meter


Operation of this device for measuring of LNB is install between LNB and satellite receiver on co-axial cable, that  plug into correct  F terminals.When LNB is healthy, the green light will on and if there is problem, red light will on along with buzzer Alarm simultaneously.


Capabilities and Benefits of this Invention are listed below:

  1. Without any effect on input signal to satellite receiver
  2. Connect to co-axial cable and F terminal
  3. No need to battery and electricity (using of current in cable)
  4. Permanently verifying
  5. Indicate problem with res light and sound
  6. Indicate LNB healthy with green light
  7. Small size
  8. Cost effective

Some pictures from this project :

Made By Mohsen Najafi