Gas Detector

Invention (Registered):


General Dept. for companies & industrial ownership registration

Design and implementation of 3 types of Gas Detectors Device (with innovative ideas)

Patent Reg. Certificate

Book number of the declaration registration: 38604744                 Book number of patent registration: 42035

Date of submission and protection: July,16,2007                          Date of patent Registration: August,18,2007

As per patent reg. act this is to certify that the patent regarding CITY GAS DETECTOR DEVICE (CH4)- SO THAT IS START ALARM WHEN LEAKING THE GAS which has been registered in the name of MR. MOHSEN NAJAFI with Iranian nationality domiciled for a period of 20 years.

Registered in Iranian patent office

This is my project in university with highest score and my invention and registerd in patent office with number of 42035.
one of the most important security device in home and office in iran is Gas Detector. this device have some

  • 100 to 10000PPM(part per million)
  • Density indicator for clear and dangerous situation.
  • Buzzer alarm
  • Active system indicator
  • Air rotational system
  • Temperature controlling system(for sensor)

Some pictures from this project :

Made by Mohsen Najafi