New Ideas

Think up a new Idea

 How can we manage a great idea until to reach success?
 According to recent studies Humans are really quite smart. as you know Innovations are  critical strategy component for people who want to stay in entrepreneurship area in the  world. this is very important that when an idea spark in your imagination, how can you want to manage it until To achieve success. i have some Experience in ideation space in my mind. for example i have an idea about gas detector (CH4 or CO2) in my country, that have CH4 gas in all homes but there aren’t any gas detector in their homes. my idea base on  every have home one gas detector. leading my ideation have some parameters, like cheap, small, fast detection, easy to use, simple and Being an entrepreneur,  these are my people needs. before any presentation i was built Feasibility study paper and after that made proposal for gas detector idea. when reach to great idea you need to have great presentation  for relevant organizations.  for this purpose you need to know some of the methods.